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Activate Learning is dedicated to providing
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Our Customer Support Team is available to provide immediate support with purchasing assistance, request quotes, inquiries regarding shipments, tech support and implementation components. To get assistance from our dedicated Chicago team, please contact us at:

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IQWST Integrated Edition

In the integrated version of IQWST, each of the 12 modules integrates at least two disciplines: Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, Earth Science, and/or Engineering Design. At IQWST’s foundation is the latest research on how students learn and how they learn science in particular, the very research on which the Framework for K–12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards are also based.

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Material Lists

Our equipment materials are carefully selected or manufactured to fit the exact specifications each investigation requires. This will ensure that all materials function exactly as intended, and all your investigations conducted in the classroom will be successful.

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Interactive Digital Edition

IQWST IDE expands the ways in which students are able to engage with science as it incorporates audio, video, graphic simulations, and writing and drawing tools into the curriculum.

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