IQWST® Testimonials

"IQWST is based upon the development of student understanding through student-focused activities, reading and writing articles, and spirited claim, evidence, reasoning, discussions. I have not come across a curriculum in 25 years of education that approaches science education in this manner.”

-Brian Klaft, Science Teacher, Indian Prairie School District #204, IL

“I wanted to let you know that your decision to go with IQWST has paid huge dividends. I’ve found myself enjoying teaching more, engaging my students easier and have received very positive feedback from my students/parents...Your decision has helped revitalize my career."

-Jeffrey L., 6th grade science teacher, Wauwatosa, WI (unsolicited letter to school administrator)

IQWST is STEM-rich, and it’s all about inquiry: How can we figure that out? It revolutionized my teaching methods. [Students] conduct an investigation. It’s teaching them problem-solving and teaching them to think scientifically."

-Dawn DeWitt, GenCorp Foudation’s STEM Teacher of the Year, Palm Beach County, FL

IQWST forces students to be willing to make mistakes and take risks. I feel this is the basis of good science. This promotes good ideas, thoughtful questions, and learning for all students. Also, I have noticed huge changes in my students’ written and verbal communication."

-Melissa McDonald, 6th grade science teacher, Baraboo, WI

“Strengths within the IQWST program that are crucial to science understanding are not only the students working cooperatively and engaged in discussions, but also the emphasis placed on reading, writing, and [modeling] to help make sense of the science concepts."

-Jamie Klausing, former Michigan Science Teachers Association Teacher of Year

“P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School at the University of Florida began fully implementing IQWST in fall 2010. The impact on student learning and engagement was immediately evident! Since 2011, we have observed an average gain of 10%in 8th grade students’ science achievement on Florida’s science assessment. In 2015 we posted the highest 8th grade science passing rate in our school’s history!"

-Lynda Fender Hayes, Ph.D., Director & University School Professor

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