Testimonials — See what teachers, students and parents are saying about our program

The IQWST pedagogy is based in authentic experiences with content material that lead to natural higher order discussions between students. This program is how every science teacher aims to teach, and every science student naturally learns.
— Katherine Carswell, Teacher, Middle School Science
I love Sangari Science classes because we learn in a very fun way. We learn by doing, not just by reading books.
— Student, Elementary School
Everything changed in the school. The science program is having an impact that goes well beyond science class to how teachers are rethinking how they can best reach kids.
— Science Supervisor
I see myself as having developed decent questioning skills. With IQWST, if you try hard to not give students answers, students will listen to other students through class discussion and figure out for themselves if their scientific reasoning seems plausible and where the holes are in their thinking. In class, students must discuss and say what they like, dislike or agree with and why. Doing this really does produce a high level learning environment. IQWST has taught me that questioning skills will get you a long way into seeing and knowing what your students really are understanding. As we go from activity to activity in the student workbook, it is amazing how well they express themselves through their modeling and scientific explanations.
— Curtis Earl, Teacher, 6th grade
My son is in 4th grade and had never been interested in anything, but when he started this science program he became absolutely thrilled. He is retaining ideas and can’t wait to go to school every morning.
— Elementary School Parent
The Active Science curriculum has truly brought science to life for our students. It moves concepts beyond the limitations of traditional textbooks and actively places them in our students’ hands to understand scientific principles in real world ways. Active Science empowers our teachers to deliver science in engaging, meaningful ways, and our students are really responding!
— Michael Clough, Superintendent, Sheridan School District
We are moving our students past just reading about science, they are the scientists! An exciting connection with science is made that was not possible before this program.
— Nadine Myers, Elementary Principal, St. Clair, Missouri