Our Team

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson has been involved in educational technology for over 20 years. He has held various leadership positions at Apple Computer, Sagebrush Corporation, Palm, PASCO Scientific and Texas Instruments. He is passionate about using technology to improve learning and has led innovative groups throughout much of the revolutionary change in this arena. He believes that STEM education is truly critical to our nation’s and to the world’s future. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from St. Olaf College and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas.

LeeAnn Sutherland, Ph.D.
Chief Academic Officer

LeeAnn Sutherland has been an educator since 1980, beginning her career as a high school teacher, then joining the University of Michigan’s School of Literature, Science, and the Arts in 1991, and its School of Education faculty in 2002. LeeAnn’s expertise is content literacy, focusing on curriculum, pedagogies, and practices (including technologies) to support all students in learning science content and Discourses. LeeAnn was a Principal Investigator of the NSF grant and a member of the team that developed Sangari’s IQWST (Investigating and Questioning our World through Science and Technology) middle school curriculum. She continues to play an active role in conducting professional development related to literacy learning in the context of science education. LeeAnn holds a PhD in Literacy, Language, and Culture from the University of Michigan.

Tom Pence
Vice President, Sales

Tom Pence brings over 15 years of experience in Sales Management and Marketing in the Inquiry Science Market.  With experience in product development, materials procurement, and product implementation, Tom has enjoyed a wealth of sales success in the K-8 market.  He has helped implement Inquiry Science solutions in over 100 school districts across the US.  Some of these communities include: Chicago IL, St Louis MO, Detroit MI, Grand Blanc MI, Clarkston MI,  Columbus OH, Cleveland OH, Carmel IN, South Bend IN, Wauwatosa WI, Ritenour MO, Madison WI, Eau Claire WI, Stamford CT, Louisville Ky, Norman OK, and Arlington Heights IL.