STEM Gauge with IQWST

Activate Learning and Measured Progress are working together to add additional assessment support for your transition to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS*). You can add STEM Gauge™ formative assessment resources to your current IQWST implementation, and help students and teachers transition to a more NGSS-aligned approach to assessment.

    Teacher’s Guide explains how to gather
      evidence of 3 dimensions of learning.

STEM Gauge formative assessment resources support the transition to NGSS by:

  • Providing opportunities for students to demonstrate understanding of the 3 dimensions of the performance expectations
  • Giving teachers a deeper understanding of the
    3 dimensions of the performance expectations
  • Helping teachers integrate formative assessment practices within each unit

What is STEM Gauge?

STEM Gauge is a formative assessment resource designed to support classroom instruction in the transition to the NGSS. It provides students with opportunities to demonstrate understanding of the 3 dimensions of learning as instruction occurs.



The 3 dimensions of learning that underpin the NGSS include:

  • Disciplinary Core Ideas, such as biology or physics (what scientists know)
  • Science and Engineering Practices (what scientists do)
  • Crosscutting Concepts (how scientists think)

Teacher's Guide includes keys to interpreting student responses
                    and identifying gaps in understanding.

Here's what STEM Gauge includes:

  • 15 sets of 20-25 assessment questions (items) based on NGSS topics in physical science, life science, earth and space science
  • Teacher’s Guide with instructional suggestions, 
    sample student work and formative support tool templates
  • A scoring guide that includes a topic overview, item index, distractor rationales, rubrics, and scoring notes

Benefits of STEM Gauge:

  • Creates a complete solution for NGSS, when aligned with IQWST
  • Supports the transition to new science content
  • Provides reliable, valid NGSS assessment content from the leader in standards-based assessment development
  • Includes ready to use content, built to the NGSS, and addresses the three dimensions in each Performance Expectation that supports teachers’ formative assessment activities and strategies.



All STEM Gauge items include a rigorous development and review process that includes:

          Topic sets include scoring rubric for each question.

  • Distractor rationales for multiple-choice items so teachers get actionable data from students who chose the wrong answer. The distractor rationales help teachers address misconceptions and provide talking points for teachers to engage in the formative assessment feedback loop with students.
  • Rubrics for constructed-response and extended-response items are a part of that same rigorous development process.
  • Authentic scenarios and data with appropriately permissioned texts and graphics.

Try a STEM Gauge Topic Set:

See how STEM Gauge formative assessment resources support the IQWST curriculum. Download a free STEM Gauge Topic Set by clicking the link below.

Free Stem Gauge Topic Set

                    Webinar Recording from June 2, 2016

Add STEM Gauge to your IQWST implementation today! Contact your Activate Learning representative to find out how.