Professional Development

Quality professional development is crucial for the success of IQWST because the program invites teachers to rethink previous practices, construct new expectations for student outcomes, and teach in ways they may not have taught before as classroom discourse and pushing student thinking take center stage.

IQWST professional development is fully customized to meet the needs of the district or school. The initial professional development is designed to support teachers by modeling lessons in order to demonstrate pacing, investigation procedures, and discussion of the sort that students will experience every day. Teachers engage in the experience of IQWST (its pedagogy and practices) as both a learner and a teacher as questioning strategies; literacy and vocabulary building strategies that include reading, writing, speaking, and listening; and use of embedded assessments all prepare teachers to implement lessons successfully. Active use of investigation materials during PD enables teachers to experience the phenomena first-hand, as well as to see how to organize and confidently create a classroom culture for optimal learning.

While the initial professional development is delivered in person in a one-day or two-day model, by Educational Resource Specialists who are content specialists and award-winning teachers, we also support a train-the-trainers model so that a district or school can build its capacity to maintain the program using its own qualified educators as teacher leaders.