College Readiness Results After IQWST Implementation

Student Data from a School in Oregon on PS2: Energy

Description of data: 

100% of students (from 2 classes) demonstrated growth in proficiency throughout the course of the unit as demonstrated by pre and post assessment data.*

*73% of students are at or above a proficient level.
*27% are partially proficient at grade level.
*After the unit 0% are below proficient at grade level. 

Data labels (proficiency 1-4)

  • A score of (4 Advanced) would indicate that a student exceeds grade level standards by consistently demonstrating an advanced level of understanding and/or the ability to apply their knowledge at a higher level. 
  • A score of (3 Proficient) would indicate that a student has independently achieved proficiency in the standards. The student demonstrates mastery of the standards. 
  • A score of (2 Partially Proficient) would indicate that a student is developing an understanding of a standards, butstill may be in need of additional instruction and/or support. 
  • A score of (1 Below Proficient ) would indicate minimal understanding of a standards. The student shows limited evidence of understanding the standards.